Sachin Shinde

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  • • Passionate Programmer
  • • Android Enthusiast
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Pune, Maharashtra — [July 2014-June 2015]

Working on multiple technologies such as Python, JavaScript, AngularJS, Google Apps, Android, data structure design, APIs and web services. Also involved in software development lifecycle from business process understanding, to gathering user requirements, to development of the needed features, to testing, deployment and support.

Rubus Labs
Powered By BlackBerry
Pune, Maharashtra — Summer '13

I interned at Rubus Labs Powered By BlackBerry for program 'Startup Village BlackBerry 10 Summer Internship' where I learned and developed Build For BlackBerry apps for BlackBerry OS 10.


Battery Caster

An intuitive and powerful tool for your battery
[Runner-up Vodafone Appstar 2013]


Everything let's you access your apps, contacts, bookmarks, music and more in much faster and convenient way

The Weather App

The Weather App merges cuteness, simplicity and accuracy forecast provided by World Weather Online


A Twitter clone build for learning Ruby on Rails

Movie Helper

Faster movie selection by showing you IMDB rating, genre and more

Currency Converter

Unofficial currency converter API
[Scraping data from Bank of Canada]


Encrypted Chat Client for Google Hangouts

Battery Caster Glass

Battery level, temperature and usage estimate indicator for Google Glass

GlowPadView Backport

Google's lockscreen and new alarmclock style backported to work on Gingerbread and above


Content and Tag Based Image Retrieval System using Automatic Image Annotation

Animated Climacons

Animated version of Adam Whitcroft's amazing Climacons for android

Word Learner

Simple word learning android app I created while studying for GRE

The Weather Wall

Fully customisable Android live wallpaper

Stencil Weather

Minimal Android weather forecast app


Porting basic features of Photoshop to Android
{Coming Soon}

About me

Originally from Dehradun, India, now in Riverside, California, I'm a graduate from University of Pune, in Computer Engineering. Currently I am pursuing Master of Science in Computer Engineering at University of California, Riverside.

I love programming, mostly I work on Android, Python and web technologies. But as a programmer, I love to explore every technology possible.

I love exploring and developing new stuff. I have a strong zeal to face challenges and build stuff that makes life easier.

There is lot to learn and very little time so just